Will you be a part of this magical journey?

What if the dolphins and whales left before we became friends?  Like a piece of our souls leaving the seas forever….

Here’s a golden opportunity to share an ancient message of our ocean connections with audiences worldwide!

“We are Water Spirit” ~ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1424597229/we-are-water-spirit-making-dreamtime-a-reality-0

Will you be a part of this magical journey, and help spread ocean custodianship and animal protection?

I hope you join us…. dolphin xo!BunjalungElder

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Imagine… a baby dolphin in a womb

Imagine how would you feel if you and your family woke up daily to deafening banging and ear-shreeking sounds… and they didn’t stop.  The shrill noises followed you in every room of your home, with the disturbing sounds carried as far as your office.  You sit at your desk in agony, trying to concentrate, all the while knowing the same sounds are affecting your family and neighboring friends at home.  Affecting even a baby in a expecting mother’s womb.

What choices would you make knowing that those noises were harming you and your loved ones?  Ones that have not been born yet… our future generations?

The harmful seismic oil & gas exploration that is proposed for the Mid Atlantic & South Atlantic outer areas would do just that.
Seismic activity hurts marine wildlife, and can cause disasters, like the Gulf Oil spill that’s still effecting our eco-systems, both in the oceans and on land.
Drilling hardly gives consumers lower gas prices or energy independence, so there’s no reason to cause sonic pain to our marine friends.
Short of explosives, the intense blasts of airgun arrays are some of the loudest underwater sounds humans make… and that’s comforting to know!
This is beyond cruel for all cetaceans and marine animals that rely on hearing to do everything in life and necessary for survival.
Scientific studies show that airgun noise is loud enough to mask whale calls over thousands of miles, literally destroying their ability to communicate and breed.

Are we that insane to allow such noise when there’s other options?

Please contact Secretary Salazar and urge the U.S. Department of Interior to choose Alternative “C” (the “no-action” alternative) which will keep dangerous oil and gas exploration off American coasts, and instead focus on developing renewable energy.

Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100
E-Mail: feedback@ios.doi.gov

Thank-you for making kinder choices!

Another link dealing w’ the same nonsense…. Imagine again, someone blowing out your eardrums, and then nonstop torturing your family and friends with the same cruel noises? Navy to deafen 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more!

Please visit and sign: http://signon.org/s/oioeqE @signon

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Swimming in harmony!

I looked down into the seas close to the shoreline and saw 2 great white sharks resting under a group of people swimming at the surface… I thought, shall I be alarmed?  They seemed quite tranquil and content just hanging there.  I moved further out into the big blue, and then a pod of dolphins suddenly arrived accompanied by the sperm whales.

It was wonderful to see my friends suddenly show up out of nowhere!

As I was enjoying all the excitement and frolicking about, a baby sperm whale turned around to me and smiled, a big wide smile!

We we all together, swimming in harmony and it felt so good, so natural… how could there be another way to live when this is possible?

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What would the dolphins say…

Have we stopped listening to the dolphins?

What would they say if they were sitting next to you, right now?

We’ve all experienced times in our lives, “wanting to be heard”… I imagine a key motivating factor for why committees, groups, clubs, and organizations are formed.

If we imagine the dolphin as our friend, and given the Maori‘s name for the NZ Maui’s dolphin is Pahu, “life long friend”, how do we want our friends to treat us?

Love, respect, honor, play-fullness, compassion, loyalty, and honesty would be some that come to mind…

I think they’ve always been there for us, how bout it’s time we return the favor…

Let’s keep the blessing in our oceans today!Image

SOS: http://www.hectorsdolphins.com/

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The White Eagle came…

The huge white eagle hovered above me.. he was twice my size.  I extended my hand and asked him to land, and with such grace and strength, the magnificent bird’s large talons gently grasped my left hand.  The moment I looked into the eagle’s eye, I knew he came to be my guardian.  It’s an honor to have a wild bird become a friend.  He stayed with me as I walked and traveled the land…  a blessing from the skies!

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A Beautiful thing happened today….

I cried for the dolphins today and they heard me.  They came within 10 feet of where I was standing at the ocean-side, right in front of me so I could see them.  I had paused during my beach walk, and waded knee-high out into the waves… I was asking the sea and my dolphin family why they had left me on land.  I was overwhelmed with missing them – being in the seas swimming and playing together.  The tears started falling down my face, as odd thoughts and feelings swelled up to surface.  Over the years, I’ve stopped wondering why I have those kind of feelings as a human, I just accept them as truth, cause my heart tells me so.  It was a few moments after those tears, that my dolphin friends suddenly appeared out of nowhere directly infront of me, surfing inside the waves.  Then one dolphin came in closer to me, and I loudly said, telepathically, “I see you!”  My ocean buddies stayed close until my tears had turned into smiles. The dolphins heard me today, reminding me they are always near.

I had answered their cries of help, working on saving the NZ Maui‘s dolphins this past week, and in return, they heard mine.  We are the same really, needing each other in life.

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World’s Most Endangered Dolphin!

I just signed a visual petition to help save this rare and endangered dolphin – NZ‘s Maui’s Dolphin.. please watch this video and make a difference today! http://www.lets-face-it-dolphins.com/

Let’s help keep these dolphins in our oceans alive and thriving!

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