Swimming in harmony!

I looked down into the seas close to the shoreline and saw 2 great white sharks resting under a group of people swimming at the surface… I thought, shall I be alarmed?  They seemed quite tranquil and content just hanging there.  I moved further out into the big blue, and then a pod of dolphins suddenly arrived accompanied by the sperm whales.

It was wonderful to see my friends suddenly show up out of nowhere!

As I was enjoying all the excitement and frolicking about, a baby sperm whale turned around to me and smiled, a big wide smile!

We we all together, swimming in harmony and it felt so good, so natural… how could there be another way to live when this is possible?


About Dolphingirl's "mermaid hotline"

The ocean is alive in every breath we're taking! Passionate about nonhuman and human rights, plus our nature with Nature. Loving seaweed, music, playing in the sea, as well as sharing my heart with friends, dolphins, and special land humans:} Favorite past time: Dreaming in the bath-tub! Can contact or learn more @ www.Dolphingirl.org
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