What would the dolphins say…

Have we stopped listening to the dolphins?

What would they say if they were sitting next to you, right now?

We’ve all experienced times in our lives, “wanting to be heard”… I imagine a key motivating factor for why committees, groups, clubs, and organizations are formed.

If we imagine the dolphin as our friend, and given the Maori‘s name for the NZ Maui’s dolphin is Pahu, “life long friend”, how do we want our friends to treat us?

Love, respect, honor, play-fullness, compassion, loyalty, and honesty would be some that come to mind…

I think they’ve always been there for us, how bout it’s time we return the favor…

Let’s keep the blessing in our oceans today!Image

SOS: http://www.hectorsdolphins.com/


About Dolphingirl's "mermaid hotline"

The ocean is alive in every breath we're taking! Passionate about nonhuman and human rights, plus our nature with Nature. Loving seaweed, music, playing in the sea, as well as sharing my heart with friends, dolphins, and special land humans:} Favorite past time: Dreaming in the bath-tub! Can contact or learn more @ www.Dolphingirl.org
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