Way of life…

Fresco of Dolphins, ca. 1600 BC, from Knossos,...

Music and dolphins are my life… feels a bit like surfing among waves of love.  My internal heartbeat pulses strong as I follow the lines, dispersing out into the clouds. The clouds of rain today. What channels to follow next?  Where are the areas that are lovely and true? That’s what calls my name, and what I want to focus on.  After that, everything else seems to fall away – the tension, the worries, the doubts, and the agendas.

I become suspended across the skies like a rainbow rubberband.  Like a mosaic painting traveling across time to the present moment.

An epiphany occurs – Happy for my friends. Happy for my family. Happy for the animals I encounter each day. Happy for nature’s magic. Happy to be alive. Happy to laugh and let things go. And Happy when pain in the asses turn around to be something wonderful…

Note to self: Remember all of this when confronted with stressful situations.

That seems to be the key, how to maneuver with my loves in each of my daily choices.  I didn’t choose dolphins, they choose me a long, long time ago.  Music reminds me to trust my instincts, my feelings, my heart… expand & breathe into my true purpose.

I will forever call it my “true porpoise” in life… the only way to be.  The true art of life.

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Missing Family

My heart aches… missing my family big time and there’s nothing that can really take the place of the real deal.  Family in all it’s facets…  I miss my blood family, the good stuff we shared together, and forgetting all that we disagreed about.  I miss the ocean and my dolphin family, cause right now I’m up in the hills far away from the sound of the waves and the dolphin swims.  I miss all my friends who have become my family over the many years, the laughter and sharing together.

Life it seems is asking me to live differently from all my past living and traveling.  I feel like I’m floating way out in space, with the oxygen tubes of ‘family’ attached to my spacesuit, the only thing that’s keeping me from drifting off into another galaxy… another dimension.

Maybe it’s been all the changes lately, too many to even digest or comprehend anymore.  That sense of loss that creeps in,  when something reminds me of my two dear friends dying down-under, in the two different places I’ve been living and traveling in – New Zealand and Australia.  Or the sense of just losing your life of familiarity… living in the unknown and having to trust each moment.

My heart understands those who want their life to end.. as they know it.  Trying to get beyond their struggles to begin anew.

New, brand spankin new… hoping to shed this ol’skin and revel in the sunshine again!

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A’lul’quoy.. to go in peace.  A native Chumash Indian word for dolphin.  It means to go around, to protect, and to go in peace.  My hope and wish for each breath I take, each step I make – today and always.  Also my wish for mankind… so we actually live from the second part of the word – kind & kindness.  May many wonderful things flow from that… like peace and love. How can it not?  I believe in our ancestors reminding us what’s really important.  A’lul’quoy to you my friend!

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Seriously…. what for?

I was taking myself and life so seriously, and as a 83-year-old Brendan Gill (writer for the New Yorker for 60 yrs) has said – “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.”

That’s what dolphins remind me of, that’s what my heart is asking for.  Happiness & freedom, our natural-born rights… with all of creation I reckon!

So with that, I give thanks for this day, in all my challenges, in all my loves, in all my awkwardness.

If God and life are for us, who can be against us? Doesn’t everything work to make us better, supporting our journey here on Earth… well, sometimes those growing pains don’t feel so lovely… unless though, I change my outlook.

Say yes to peace, yes to adventure, yes to the unexpected, yes to love, yes to playfulness, yes to joy, yes to compassion, yes to healing, yes to abundance, yes to wisdom, yes to positive actions, yes to success, yes to happiness, and yes to gratitude!  That yes is as I wish, and nature, the universe, and God waves back to me in agreement.

We are all “waving“… what are your waves full of today?


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The dolphin’s breath

A dolphin leaps out of the water in the Indian...

A dolphin leaps out of the water in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The dolphins came, and filled the sea in front of the beach… one small baby dolphin came closer to the shore and swam into my outstretched hands.  She was tiny and having trouble breathing.  She told me she couldn’t breathe because of all the pollution in the oceans.

I felt responsible, that mankind had made such a mess in the seas, her home.  All of our homes really…. without a clean ocean, we are all lost.  Let’s do our part to reuse, reduce, and recycle our wastes & our garbage… Maybe even go for a walk instead of hopping in the car for a store run. That baby dolphin can possibly breathe better if I do something to make the oceans better… after all, we all share one breath!

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The dolphin n’ me

My friend reminded me, nurture thyselfFrom there, miracles can happen.

I go out into the stormy day of rain, and hear her words swirl around my heart.  It’s true, if I nurture the child within, that playful dolphin n’ me, then I’m off to a great start of possibilities. My imagination gets a kick-start to run wild again. Without the restraints of fear or hurt.  In nurturing myself, I’m taking the control back into my own hands.  Restoring my belief in innocence, in faith, in love, and most importantly, in the choices I make.

That baby dolphin n’ me needs to know I will care for it, and really, it’s my responsibility to do so.  Sometimes, I feel scared that I won’t know how, and then that little voice says trust.

Trust me to show you, even when the seas are rough and the water’s murky.

I must… I will dry the tears in my eyes and try.

Choosing a supportive life… when I think about the choices a baby dolphin has in captivity, we humans have really nothing much to worry about.  Except maybe, the choices we are making to help a baby dolphin go free, or helping another human’s life get better.

I’m happy to listen to the dolphin n’ me, that little voice that knows more than the mental chatter.  More wisdom than words could ever describe.

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the kaleidoscope of life…

Kaleidoscope: Crab Nebula

Kaleidoscope: Crab Nebula (

Uggh! Sometimes, land humans can be sooo frustrating!! What’s up with all the complaining about the world being messed up, like the thousands of people being ignored and dying in Africa.  When challenged by saying, your life matters, if it bothers you, DO something about itOur daily choices do make a difference.  Sponsor a child.  His response, “religion is the cause of all wars.” Than I suggest, start your own religion.

Like the calling St. Francis of Assisi had in his life when church was too preoccupied with wealth and power to include nature, animals, children, and community in daily worship and prayer.  The simple gifts from God.

Isn’t it about our focus in life?  If things get us down, find something good to do.  Help someone, help a cause, help yourself to care again.  It pained my heart to hear this guy ramble on, and it didn’t matter what I suggested as possibly remedies to his strife, he was going to continue moaning and complaining.  That’s his focus.  It’s the shifts in our perceptions that can make our day a gorgeous one, or just luke warm.  Trust me, I get frustrated and sad too about certain news or things I hear about.  Though, it often pushes me to take some kind of action… and if I don’t, I wilt into a pile of mush.  And really, that state is no good for anyone, especially if one wants to feel alive in life.

Each of us do matter, we’re all part of the kaleidoscope of life… when one chooses to x-out, the design changes… or shatters into a million pieces.

If I could give the man I met briefly tonight one thing, it would be that he felt connected to the kaleidoscope of life – to feel that his life mattered… a bit of peace.

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