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Missing Family

My heart aches… missing my family big time and there’s nothing that can really take the place of the real deal.  Family in all it’s facets…  I miss my blood family, the good stuff we shared together, and forgetting all … Continue reading

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A’lul’quoy.. to go in peace.  A native Chumash Indian word for dolphin.  It means to go around, to protect, and to go in peace.  My hope and wish for each breath I take, each step I make – today and … Continue reading

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Trashy Beach Blog- the last days or are they?

After doing the trashy beach blog for a week, with the last 3 days @ a completely different Australian beachside… I imagine myself and my fellow mer-friends won’t be able to stop.  In fact I know we won’t. This new … Continue reading

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Feeling connected…

Feeling connected, isn’t that what we all what on some level?  Being connected to something bigger than ourselves.  Often the motivating factors to joining a church, drinking @ clubs, playing team sports,  attending music festivals, or having sex –  the making … Continue reading

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My Porpoise in Life

Have you ever wondered why life leads you back to a place again?  Is it to see it with fresh eyes?  Years ago, coming on 27 years, I landed on a continent that was foreign to me…way before Crocodile Dundee … Continue reading

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