Embarrassed to pick up someone else’s trash?

Well, it’s day 3 and 4 of the trashy beach blog and I have to say it’s been quite enlightening. Today I noticed the most startling thing from fellow beach dwellers – looks, like they were embarrassed for me- maybe because I was picking up other people trash in the broad daylight… in my bikini no less.  I thought, yes, I could feel quite stupid picking up trash that was wasn’t mine. Yet, what the heck!  I have to say, the last 3 nites were much easier in many ways, for I bounded across the sands under the spectacular moonlight…with noone really watching me, cept the ocean waving and the stars sparkling above me.

So the finds were…

On Day 3, my fellow land mermaid found: *cigarette butts galore *a little top *plastic bags *fishing line …. she exclaimed, “less plastic than ever!”

On Day 4, today in my bikini… *multiple ice-cream wrappers *fishing package *rubber glove *cans – diet & coke *plastic coke bottle *pure blonde beer bottle *heaps of cigarette butts *candy wrappers *plastic bags

I recoken that public nudity is like picking up someone else’s trash on the beach in the daylight… Noone is expecting it, yet it could start a trend

Or just alot of looks of embarrassment


About Dolphingirl's "mermaid hotline"

The ocean is alive in every breath we're taking! Passionate about nonhuman and human rights, plus our nature with Nature. Loving seaweed, music, playing in the sea, as well as sharing my heart with friends, dolphins, and special land humans:} Favorite past time: Dreaming in the bath-tub!
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