One “Morgan” at a time!

“Free Morgan PSA!

In a skype talk today, yes..mermaids can be a bit ‘tech-savy”, I said to Dr. Ingrid Visser (she’s a world-renowned Orca researcher heading the Orca Research Trust in New Zealand)
“I believe if enough people speak up, we have the power to change the “history of captivity”, starting with one “Morgan” @ a time, til it’s catching on like wild-fire, and becomes the “standard”!!

Ingrid Visser agreed and commented back to me:
Yes, now wouldn’t that be a nice legacy to leave behind – no captivity for cetaceans”

My reply:
That’s my vision!!

Life in the seas would have its peace, knowing our families were reunited again!

Please watch this PSA and help make a difference!


About Dolphingirl's "mermaid hotline"

The ocean is alive in every breath we're taking! Passionate about nonhuman and human rights, plus our nature with Nature. Loving seaweed, music, playing in the sea, as well as sharing my heart with friends, dolphins, and special land humans:} Favorite past time: Dreaming in the bath-tub!
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