Where the sky ends & the sea begins

Ocean Sky

There are days, like today, when I feel I don’t belong…falling somewhere in space…no fins, no legs

It’s like describing the place where the sky ends & the sea begins. Where is that point? Does it even exist? Who is my family? Dolphins or humans? Will I always be a myth or be alive in fantasy?

I long to belong to one world or another, yet can’t stay in just one for long…like I’m waking up from a constant dream

The other mermaids of my clan are happy & content..why must I yearn for another way of life?

It’s a mystery to me…

Maybe I was just meant to live in both, like a bridge across time

I will try & find that place…where the sky ends & sea begins

I think the sunrise will know the truth…

I will ask in the morning & be surprised






About Dolphingirl's "mermaid hotline"

The ocean is alive in every breath we're taking! Passionate about nonhuman and human rights, plus our nature with Nature. Loving seaweed, music, playing in the sea, as well as sharing my heart with friends, dolphins, and special land humans:} Favorite past time: Dreaming in the bath-tub!
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